Work Day


Refuge Services Inc. would like to thank the many groups who have dedicated time in helping us. From planting flowers in our sensory garden to deep cleaning our arena, we have been so very blessed by their hard work. Every group has been such a delight to work with!

Work day options

Option 1: Volunteer groups can donate financial support and labor to the improvement of our facility. If this option best fits you, let us know and we can set up a meeting to discuss our needs and the financial parameters of a project. We will collectively agree upon a task and assign a date to implement the project.

Option 2: Volunteer groups can donate labor and some supplies. On the work day, the group brings themselves and tools they can provide such as working gloves, shovels, rakes, etc. At the end of the work day, groups take home their supplies with them, but use them to help during their time at Refuge.

Option 3: Volunteer groups can donate labor and we will supply the tools to help with the improvement of our facilities.

All of the above options are a tremendous help to us, and we appreciate volunteer groups taking time to come to our facility to help us be able to best serve our clients. Whichever option best fits your groups abilities, please let us know, and we will make the accommodations for your work day and schedule it on our calendar!


It is through the efforts of such selfless individuals and corporations that lives are being changed daily. The horses, therapists, and clients each benefit from these “behind the scenes” servants. Thank you for making a difference! If you would like to help Refuge Services, Inc. or your company would like to participate in a similar work day, please contact us.

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