Program Advantages


Beth has been a kid in crisis for the past 6 years.  Beth has spent the last 6 years running away from her feelings concerning the 18 wheeler wreck and being trapped -- 3 long psych. hospital stays, a TCH trauma center stay, 6 psychologists, 6 years of talk therapy, EMDR therapy, buckets full of psychotropic meds., and everything else under the sun would not encourage Beth to discuss her feelings and fears. Since the wreck Beth has shut down, refused to talk, falls asleep and/or have meltdowns, is incontinent. developed schizophrenic episodes, dissociative episodes, suicidal attempts and ideation, irrational fears/phobia, incessant elephant man type of hives amongst many other symptoms.

On the way home from your equine therapy seminar, she started talking about the crash that happened 6 years ago. I asked Beth if she just remembered this and she said no, it was a video running in her head all the time. I asked her why she hadn't told me about this part of the accident before now and she said it was too scary to talk about. Beth talked and talked all the way home.  She said that her fear was that she thought no-one could love her like her like her Mum and she was scared of loosing me. She said Mikey (the horse) seemed to understand and protect her in the session. She said she cried during the session because at that time she realized that she was loved by lots of people and although her Mum (me) loves her the most, others do too, even Mikey the horse, who hardly knew her.

She has been a happy kid since being home. Beth's psychologist, psychiatrist, teachers, doctors etc. here are very excited about Beth's willingness to discuss her feelings and want to learn about the EAP process and quickly piggy-back on what happened in the horse session and incorporate this into Beth's treatment plan. They said the horse exercise was Divine intervention and made an enormous psychological break-through with Beth. So in a long thank you, we received more than any one will ever know from the session. The experience was from God and placed there for Beth's healing. We were blessed and thank you  for your participation in this breakthrough.

”Mum”  Mom of 14 year old Beth


“I have felt so much good inside of me since I have been messing with horses.”  Age 15


“Thank you for helping my baby find his voice!” 
Mom of 2 ½  year old boy with Autism
(who’s first words were spoken on the back of the horse)





**All names have been changed to protect the privacy of the clients