Cost-Effectiveness of Program

Valuable information, regarding the cost-effectiveness of Refuge Services' Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy program, is gained by comparing it to the regional, juvenile correctional inpatient center. They report that the cost per day for inpatient placements is $75 with 67% of the youth having no new charges during the year following release. Comparative costs for six months of treatment in the respective programs are as follows: Refuge Services at $3480 and regional juvenile inpatient treatment at $12,600. Refuge Services cost is approximately ¼ the cost of regional correctional center for the same length of treatment intervention for adolescents.

The combination of equine involvement with psychotherapy creates dramatic increases in the percentage of youth and families who respond favorably to treatment. The increase in cost associated with the use of horses is offset significantly by the increased efficiency in obtaining positive outcomes. The comparative costs of Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy and inpatient treatment indicate tremendous savings of 75% by using this innovative method of intensive outpatient treatment.

As stated previously in this proposal, Refuge Services provides a unique and effective program that helps youth and families solve relational, emotional, and behavioral issues. We continue to strive to achieve our mission of finding positive ways to deal with life's challenges and we need your help to meet a desperate need in our community.